Safari in Kenya or Tanzania ?

Kenya and Tanzania are among the two most visited countries in Africa for safaris. Indeed, the fauna and flora in these two countries are extremely rich and above all magnificent.

However, despite the similarities between these two East African countries, some differences exist, including:

  • National parks and reserves
  • The tourist affluence
  • The budget

Safari in Kenya or Tanzania: when is it the best time to go ?

In general, the African continent enjoys a relatively pleasant climate throughout the year.

Kenya and Tanzania have a relatively similar climate due to their proximity.

Kenya and Tanzania, located in East Africa by the ocean, share a common border. Kenya is located in northern Tanzania.

These two countries have two rainy seasons:

  • From March to June
  • From October to December

It is therefore preferable to opt for a safari during the dry season, which is between June and October in these two countries.

However, going on a safari during the rainy season does not mean that you will have rain throughout your safari.

Also, you must take into account the migration periods, for example, if you want to attend the migration of wildebeest in particular, the ideal period is between March and June, during the rainy season.

Don’t worry, it is possible to go on safari at any time of the year in these two African countries.

Safari in Kenya or Tanzania: which national parks?

Kenya’s main National Parks:

  • The Masai Mara, probably the most famous park with a very rich fauna
  • Lake Nakuru
  • Nairobi National Park
  • The Amboseli reserve
  • Tsavo Park

But that’s not all, as Kenya has 52 reserves where you can see the Big Five.

Tanzania’s National Parks:

In the North: 

  • The immense plains of the famous Serengeti
  • Tarangire National Park
  • Lake Manyara
  • The Ngorongoro Crater
  • Arusha National Park

In the South:

  • Mikumi National Park
  • Saadani National Park
  • The Selous Reserve
  • Ruaha National Park

In the West: 

  • Katavi National Park
  • Mahale National Park
  • Gomb

Safari in Kenya or Tanzania: what about the tourists ?

As explained above, Kenya and Tanzania are among the most visited countries in Africa for safaris.

However, there is a real difference between these two countries

Indeed, Kenya has grown faster in terms of safari offerings. Kenya therefore attracts a very large proportion of tourists. Indeed, there are many more tourists in Kenya than in Tanzania

Keep in mind that there are also many tourists in Tanzania but less so than in Kenya.

At times you may find yourself with hundreds of cars next to you when you observe a lion, for example.

Obviously, depending on the season there are more or less tourists, but don’t expect to find yourself the only car in the Masai Mara during the high season. 

Safari in Kenya or Tanzania: which budget ?

The presence of a greater number of tourists in Kenya than in Tanzania is necessarily due to one reason. Indeed, Tanzania welcomes a little less tourists, especially since safari rates are higher than in Kenya.

Indeed, the Tanzanian government has preferred to bet on high-end safaris with fewer tourists to preserve the reserves as much as possible, but the counterpart is the price for tourists.

To give you an idea, a 15-day safari that can be sold for US$3,000 in Kenya will be sold for US$4,000 in Tanzania.

It all depends on what you’re looking for. If your budget is tight, go to Kenya, you will see beautiful landscapes and a varied fauna despite the mass tourism.

If your budget allows it, I would advise you to visit Tanzania, which in my opinion is an exceptional country for a safari

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