About me

Hey there ! I am Margaux (but you can call me Gogo), I am passionate about travels and photography.

I decided to create this blog lately to share few tips about the travels I did throughout those last few years.

As long as I can remember, traveling as always been a huge passion. Since my younger age, I have always been attracted by discovering new places, countries, cultures and lifestyle. I always wondered what would my life has been if I were born on the other side of the world. 

So travels have been the answer to all of the questions I asked myself. But it also was the best way for me to satisfy my curiosity that I have deep inside of me. 

After finishing my Law studies and after my firsts professional experiences as a Contract Manager in international firms, I decided to volunteer in a project in Tanzania. Following this gréât experience, I started my blog to share with you all these experiences as well as few tips and advises that I would have love to know before going to those destinations. 

I hope this blog will push you to learn more about the amazing countries and cultures of our planet. Of course, I deeply hope that you will find all the information and advises you are looking for to help you prepare your next trip ! 🙂